What is Alpha?

Alpha is a superb course, used right across the world, which offers people the chance to explore the Christian faith in a simple, safe, and non-threatening environment. Many, many people, Christian and not, have found the Alpha Course to be great place to ask their questions, seek God, and find like-minded people. The course runs over 10 weeks, and asks questions like, “Who is Jesus?”, “How can I have faith?” and “What about prayer?”.

The format is very informal. We simply have refreshments together, watch an Alpha video, and then discuss all that it raises. Many people comment on the joy of travelling this course together, and building friendships as well as faith along the way.

All are invited, and there isn’t any charge to join the course. You are even welcome to come and experience the first session and then walk away if it doesn’t suit you! So what have you got to lose? Or should that be what have you got to gain? To book your place, contact us asap and we’ll be in touch.